Classic Men’s Style: The Standard By Which We’re Measured

Classic Men’s Style: The Standard By Which We’re Measured

Classic men’s style is more than just a fashion style. It really is a lifestyle. Being a classic man means conducting oneself as a gentleman and dressing accordingly. The classic style exemplifies, in dress form, masculinity, success, taste, and self-respect.

From a business perspective, you could say that I chose this style to specialize in. But I believe it was the style that chose me. Even as a child, I took notice of how people dressed. Something that stood out to me was that the best-dressed people always commanded respect. I soon made the correlation between the way someone dressed and how they were treated.

It is one thing to fit your clothes, but it’s something else entirely to have your clothes fit you. Bespoke tailoring accomplishes the latter. It is the ultimate sartorial expression.

Every part of the clothing is designed and constructed to fit you perfectly. Combining the classic men’s style with the precision of bespoke tailoring establishes the standard by which all men (or at least their wardrobe) are measured. We handmake each pattern and suit for the individual wearer. The end result is a quality garment that far outweighs anything else available on the market. That quality doesn’t just pertain to the type of fabric used, but the durability of its style. Style durability is something that rarely pertains to fashion, except with the classic style. I’ll explain that next.

Why Classic Isn’t Trendy

When you open a fashion magazine or, God forbid, you attend a fashion show to discover what’s “new” in the fashion world, you will see some of the oddest and most undesirous items. Chances are you’re looking at those images or the models passing by with the thought that someone has to be pulling your pant leg.

These are fashion trends, and just like any trend, they are practically gone before they arrive.

Modern fashion is very fast and cyclical, changing at least twice per year. Fashion requires you to stay on trend, which can almost feel like a job itself. It requires financial investment, but that investment is for the short-term.

With the proper care, clothes of classic men’s style can last you years, even decades. It isn’t a short-term financial investment. This is an investment in a wardrobe of an incredibly durable style and function. Durable by about...200 years.

Where the Classic Men’s Style Originated

That’s right. Two centuries ago in London.

A man by the name of George Bryan “Beau” Brummell is credited for establishing the classic men’s style. Though no aristocrat, he became a friend of George, Prince of Wales, later to become King George IV. This friendship originated during their time together in the 10th Light Dragoons. He noticed that with every military promotion came a newly minted and perfectly fitted military uniform. That stuck with him. Identifying the suit and formal wear of the traditional military uniform, he reconfigured it for civilian life, giving us the classic suit and tie

His love of fashion became so evident that even the Prince took notice of how well Brummell dressed, and soon began taking fashion advice from him. Around the year 1800, George earned the nickname “Beau.”

The bespoke version of Brummell’s clothing soon faded with the rise of fabric rationing and advancements in production techniques due to the two World Wars. This gave way to ready-to-wear clothes which we still see in abundance.

Only recently has the interest in made-to-measure and bespoke tailoring reemerged. In America, however, there are only a few individuals who are capable and experienced enough to conduct bespoke tailoring, like we do at Wagoner Green.

The Classic Process: How We Tailor Your Clothes to You

I consult with each client to build a perfect wardrobe that will best suit their needs for work, formal events, and casual attire. I take measurements of each client and note the idiosyncrasies of their body.


After the consult, I work closely with patternmakers to perfect the client’s garment. These patterns are based off the notes taken during the initial consultation phase.


After a few weeks, we will have created a basted fitting of a partially finished garment. This allows me to look over each trouser and jacket so that I can conduct any necessary changes we may address during the fitting. This ensures that when the garment is completed, it is the best-fitting and best-looking garment the client could possibly find.

Final Fitting

Once the garment has been completed, I conduct one more fitting to ensure there are no more minor adjustments needed. This can happen as the process can take several weeks and the client’s body may have altered in size between the basted fitting and final fitting.


The garment has now been delivered. When the client wears the garment, he will notice how the garment shapes to his body after a few wears, resulting in the best possible fit while also providing the ultimate comfort and style. And not just any style, but the only style that truly matters: the classic men’s style.

How to Start Your Classic Men’s Style Collection

Everyone wants to stand out. Albeit, some people like to stand out for the wrong reasons, and that goes for fashion too. But we aren’t those people, are we? So if you’re interested in getting your classic men’s style wardrobe started, it really comes down to two starter options: navy and/or grey.

I’m not talking just colors in general. I’m referencing your suits. Some people will tell you that you need a black suit first. Well, that’s only true if you’re going to funerals every weekend. Your first suit, indeed, should be either navy or grey. And these can be various shades of navy or grey. But no more than 50 shades. (You’re welcome for that.)

This color of suit will allow you to look dapper in just about any setting: formal, work, even business casual (no tie). Both navy and grey are year-round colors.

You’re probably thinking you could go grab one off the rack. If that was your thought, perhaps revisit the process section above. Classic men’s style isn’t merely the color and fit, but the design. There are certain items on the suit that define a classic men’s style suit, like peak lapels and flap pockets on the jacket, and pants that are flat front.

Each client’s proportions are carefully considered when making a suit. I make certain that your garments fit the style and that the style fits you. That’s the purpose of a bespoke tailor.

Start Your Classic Men’s Style Collection

Unlike modern fashion, a collection of classic men’s style clothes can actually be worn long-term, instead of collected and thrown away or used as costume wear.

Classic men’s style wear has stood the test of time and it’s the standard by which our style is measured. The garments designed and created by Wagoner Green will stand that test, and I will always personally ensure that you measure up to that standard.

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